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The birthplace of the tea culture in the world¡ª¡ªYa¡¯an

Ya¡¯an is the birthplace of the tea culture in the world. It is also the place where the Mount Mengding, the saint mountain of the world tea culture, located. In 53 BC, Wu Lizhen, a farmer living in Sichuang Province, pioneered in planting tea artificially on Mount Mengding. Then, this kind of planting approach was spread to other place of the nation and the whole world. Therefore, Wu Lizhen was considered as ¡°the father of tea¡± and the world tea culture was also originated from here. There is an old saying goes ¡°tea of high quality can be generated in an environment of cloud and mist¡±. Ya¡¯an enjoys a favorable ecological environment and abound amount of drizzle, which creates unique conditions for the outstanding quality of the tea planted on Mount Mengding. In 742AD, tea planted on Mount Mengding was listed as the exclusive tribute tea for worshiping the ancestors by the central government. The tea had maintained this reputation for 1169 years, until 1911AD.

 Ya¡¯an is the first station of the ancient road for trade in the southern part of China. At that time, the main means of transportation is horse. Mengding Tea was transported to Tibetan district through this ancient road. It was the exclusive goods for trade as well as the important bond to enhance the political, economic and cultural communications between the central government of all dynasties and the ethnic minorities such as Tibetan and Qiang. It is said that ¡°Yangtze river is famous for its water, while Mount Mengding is well-known for its tea¡±. Mengding Tea have enjoyed a good reputation in the world over thousands of years for its excellent quality, special status and exquisite possessing craft. ¡°The rules of giving food¡±written in Buddhist ritual for the Buddha and ¡°Mengding Queshe Tea¡± are derived from here. The 18 tea skills originated in Song dynasty as well as the tea ceremony, tea art, tea cooking and tea culture are famous both at home and abroad. The Declaration of the World Tea Culture at Mount Mengding released at the 8th International Tea Culture Symposium, in particular, has made this saint mountain of the world tea culture renowned around the world. 

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2013 The First Beijing Tibetan Tea Culture C
2013 The First Beijing Tibetan Tea Culture
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